Is It a Conspiracy?



OK, so a couple of weeks ago my top row of keys quit working on my computer – you know the row with the numbers and the symbols on it. No biggie, right? I mean I still had the other numbers and I could always copy and paste my email address when I needed it so I could get by.
Then last week the board locked up on me completely. I took it to the local Computer Shop and he ordered me a new keypad; in the meanwhile he loaned me a USB keyboard and for the last week I’ve played around jumping back and forth between the boards. I’d be typing away on the loaner and all of a sudden it would stop and the computer board would come back on.
The first time this happened I thought “Great Now what?”
I probably would have just shut it down except about that time Stella jumped up on the computer and laid down: a line of p’s and other letters went flying across my screen So I said a quick thank you to the Computer Gods and continued typing.
I called the computer guy back the next day and told him what was going on. He agreed it was strange but said he had ordered the keyboard and it should be in in 5 to 7 days. When I left to drive to New Hampshire for Samhain I left my computer at home.
One of the first things I did when I got home was turn on my computer with the intentions of catching up on email and stuff and then type up a couple of things I’d written while I was gone except the internet would not come on There was a message that read ‘No connections are available and it directed me to push the internet router button and some other things – the problem is everyone elses computer has internet and all I got for my trouble was another message telling me to call Belkin so tommorrow I make another trip to the computer shop.
I’d say I’ll let you know the outcome but if I’m posting this or anything else I’ve written in the last day or so you’ll know the answer. Won’t you?


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