A Small Miracle


The snow is so deep I can barely see the road in front of me when suddenly a large dog of some kind appears in the beams of my headlights and just stops
I swerve to avoid it and skid,sliding into the ditch and I’m stuck
I honk my horn
hoping the sound will reach the house and someone will come out
but then give up and step out of the truck
by the thin light of the new moon I pick my way
through the drifts up the frozen road
The snow which has already covered the drive and continues to fall is preventing me from seeing more then a few feet ahead
as its weight bends the skeletal branches over my head
low to the ground where they
clutch at my hair with their bony fingers
and whisper hauntingly in my ear
Everything looks strange and unfamiliar
in the cold silent night
and as the faint sliver of moon dissapears behind a cloud
I see the shape of the large animal again
this time directly in front of me
Startled I stumble backwards
My foot hits something buried under the snow and I fall.
as I fall I hear a whimper then I hear it again
My hand touches something and it moves
again I hear a whimper, I dig
a small pair of eyes appears and then another
suddenly the moon shows its face and
I’m staring into the eyes of a tiny puppy
Almost frozen curled up next to a dead female
who surely must have been its mother
I unzip my coat and put the tiny creature against my chest
as a voice inside my head says get up, keep going
then I see a faint light ahead of me
and hear my name being called
I yelled for my husband as I stumbled forward
When I reach the porch I see off to my left a shadow
The dog looks at me for just a moment and dissapears,



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