What would you do?

Like many I hold Samhain sacred as the last celebration of the year – a time of endings when we say farewell to all those who have passed throughout the year and prepare to start fresh.

So what do I do between Samhain and Yule, the next turning of the wheel – the time of New Beginnings, Rebirth and The New Year?
• I take the time to contemplate everything I’ve accomplished in my life up until now.
• I seek and accept forgiveness for any wrongs I’ve done and
• I’ve made amends for my mistakes where ever possible,
but then what?
• I finish up whatever projects I’ve started and
• clean out all the unnecessary clutter from my life in preparation of this new and joyful beginning.
• AND I WAIT – but don’t wait.
Yes, I realize this statement is somewhat of a conundrum but let’s stop and think about it for a moment.

The greatest majority of my fellow humans make annual lists or so-called ‘New Year Resolutions’ and I am no exception. The difference is I write mine as part of my Samhain Celebration and I use the time in between the END and the NEW BEGINNING of the year working to set them in place in my life. I also spend time resting and clearing my head and renewing or strengthening relationships with family and friends.
My list is short – never more than 15 items and divided into 3 sections. The first part of this list is private between The Goddess and myself and is sent up in smoke on my altar November 1 at sundown. Other than as a tangible symbol of my promises or pleas there is no reason to write them anywhere other than on my heart.
The next section Is a sort of RE -affirmation list and includes my RULES TO LIVE BY. They are
• Put your needs first. You CAN NOT care for or help anyone else if you don’t first take care of yourself.
• And it harm none do as you will [The Witch’s Creed] but be sure to remember the second part of this; be ready to accept the consequences.
• Strive always to keep your footprints small and cast a big shadow – just make sure it offers refuge and shade not a foreboding and fearful feeling.
• Live free and enjoy every minute you have left – no regrets.
This section is followed by the TO DO Section and as the name implies includes things I hope to accomplish in the near future as well as throw a ways like
• Start a routine exercise regime
• Eat healthier
• Work on my novels
and so forth and so on.
I begin concentrating on an item or two at a time and usually by Yule I have settled into a routine of some sort and hopefully I will grow as the year progresses.


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