On ‘VOICES OF THE STARS’ by Rowena Whaling

Personal Note:

There are no adequate words to tell you how much I enjoyed this book and though the writer in me wants to put words that are eloquent and deep to pen none of them seem to express what’s in my heart. Ms Whaling seems to have taken the questions I couldn’t articulate and some I didn’t even know I had and answered them more eloquently then I ever could. Thank you my friend.

“What lies within these vellum pages is a history written in the tongue of the Britons which I, Morgan , have written down in order to preserve the truth of these matters – because, it is a fact that legends of the simple folk, as well as songs and poems of the Bards, gallop into fancy like Warhorses to the smell of blood. What begins as a simple circle Weaves , entwines, and spreads like the gossamer threads of Arachne – ultimately and forever changing the meaning of events as they really were. So, now, in my very old age of eighty-three years, but still of clear thought and memory, I have completed the writing and compiling of the truth as it happened; through five generations of histories, the length and breadth of the Isles of the Britons, even through the continent which lies across the Eastern Sea. I shall give it into the hands of one whom I would trust with my very life and all I hold Sacred. With Divine assurance I know that these histories will last through the millennia…”
Whaling, Rowena (2014-08-04). Voices of the Stars (Book 1) (Kindle Locations 162-165). Permuted Press. Kindle Edition.

The above quote is from ‘Voices of The Stars’ and says a great deal about the book and its author. Ms Whaling has taken the obscure and often somewhat tilted legends of Arthur, King of All the Britons, those closest to him and their descendants and woven their telling into a beautiful and understandable tale of love, power, and deceit.
Ms Whaling is a gifted writer who for the first time [that I know of] in all my years of seeking – though I be well into my Cronedom – has managed to put into words a logical, linear and totally understandable explanation of the histories, beliefs and legends of our ancestors and The Goddess as well as Christian and other major faiths; she has managed to tie them all together into an underlying ONENESS as I’ve always known in my heart is the way it is meant to be. I am very much looking forward to Book Two.

Goddess Blessings on You;
Martha ‘Gipsicrone’ Bowman


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