I Need To Start Over


A few days ago I started a new page here on Word Press ( http://thegipsiewonderer.com/blood-stone-by-martha-gipsiecrone-bowman/): I gave it a working title of Blood Stone  and it was going to be a tale of a lost matriarchal kingdom and a young girl at the turn of the 20th Century who finds herself caught up in intrigue and murder. Chapter 1 was posted at that time and I began work on Chapter 2 which I planned on posting this morning BUT—- then.

After I’d finished working last night I took some aspirin and lay down and slept soundly until about 2:00AM when a DREAM woke me up – it had to be a dream because I was having tea and biscuits with a woman dressed in blue robes who was nursing a baby.

“I am the Magdalene, known as The Blue Rose. I have been slandered and misunderstood. I have been judged a whore and a despicable being who tempted Joshua Ben Joseph. I was one of the first to know Christ risen and I bore the Challis containing the blood of Our Lord out of Jerusalem with the help of the faithful few. Your story must start here.”


This morning I began my research. This quote is taken from http://www.essene.org/home.html and is where I started

“Blue is healing and such is the Blue Rose of legend.

It is said that Christ gave Mary Magdalene a single Blue Rose the night before he was taken into custody. He gave it as a symbol of his undying love and of his promise of comfort… It is also “Speculated” of legend, that it was upon this night that Mary conceived “Sarah”, the daughter of Christ and Mary! The Blue Rose of Magdalene is the symbol of healing.
On the night that Yahshua (‘Jesus’) and Miriam (‘Mary Magdalene’) conceived their baby – The Holy Grail Child – he gifted her with her favorite flower: the Blue Rose. The Magdalene wore the Blue Rose in her hair when she conceived the Grail Child. The next morning, Yahshua was arrested and, three days later, crucified. After the crucifixion, Miriam, pregnant with the Grail Child, was rejected by many of the male followers of Yahshua, mainly those whom had been non-Nasarean converts from mainstream Judaism and were not disposed to accept a woman Guru. Soon, she fled to France with the Grail Child in her womb. Her most devoted disciples followed her to France, and formed what later came to be called the Order of the Magdalene, which was her devoted, inner circle opersonal students. But the original name of the Order, chosen by Miriam herself, was The Order of the Blue Rose. That name came from the rose that Yahshua had gifted her on their last night before his arrest, the rose that she had worn in her hair during the conception of The Grail Child. Miriam saved that rose, dried it, and used it in the initiation rituals of the Order. This was appropriate, for, the inner circle of initiates within this Order become members of The Grail Family, and have a special relationship with The Holy Grail Child.

When Yahshua gifted Miriam with a Blue Rose for her hair the night before his arrest (the night they conceived the holy Grail Child), he told her:

“The Blue Rose is rare and greatly prized. Likewise a Loyal Friend is rare and is greatly prized. Wherefore, within our school, the Blue Rose symbolizes ‘Loyal Friend’. But I now give this rose to you, Miriam, not only because you are my most loyal friend, but because I wish to please you. For, lo: blue is your favorite color, and roses are your favorite flower. And in this life you are a woman and I am a man, and I desire to please you in every way. For, truly, I love you in every way. This flower will look lovely in your hair.” Then Yahshua put the flower in Miriam’s hair, beside Her ear. And Miriam reached for Her man and embraced Him.

Anyway this is where I stand right now and should be ready to re-post in a day or two


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