Review On If God Was A Woman by Joss Burnel

I have only written 1 other book review – at least since my days spent in a 1 room school house back in the ‘DARK AGES’ so please bare with me.
I read ‘If God Was A Woman’ by Joss Burnel twice. The first reading I treated as a poetry reading and enjoyed it very much – this woman is a talented writer. Like with everything I read I copied quotes that rang a bell within me while I was reading.
When I’d finished I went back over my notes and quotes and realized how much of her writing said exactly as I felt about my Goddess so I started over.

Some of my favorite quotes:
“If God was a Woman SHE would whisper that all begins and ends with love and when I reach out into my world with a word a touch a sigh a smile this is when I am most trulywho she created It is not about who is best who is most who is least there is no such thing as better than or more than or less than when your heart is broken I weep when you dance with joy I sing when all seems lost I am found and when you find me SHE would whisper then all is well”
“If God was a Woman SHE would ask me To wake up and know that I— a woman— hold within me the power to create a new world and that it is by creating the world I live in within my own circle to be a world of love of compassion, of kindness and gentleness that I, this woman, will create a world filled with those same graces SHE would chide me with HER gentle eyes and tell me the time for being quiet for staying in my own corner and holding these truths to my own heart is past. You know, SHE would whisper you know what changes the world what heals the world and it is time to wake up”
This book has touched me on so many levels and I would highly recammend it to anyone who is in search of a deeper relationship with the feminine aspect of Divine Love or just themselves.
Thank You
Martha Bowman


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