Not Exactly Earth Shaking But *****

I am re posting this because it says a little more about why I’m who I am.

In The Footsteps of a Gipsiewonderer

When I was young my family attended the Grace of God Baptist Church in my home town; it was a Pentecostal church, the oldest in the area and was very small and back woodsy compared to many in the nearest city. Sunday service was an all day affair beginning in the morning and running sometimes until 8:00 or 9:00 in the evening with a community wide get together in the afternoon to share a meal and catch up with neighbors and was as often as not attended by everyone in town – members or not.

About twice a year we’d hold  revivals and the weather permitting on the Sunday following the last night of it any one who ‘had been saved or had given their life over to The Lord’ were led down to the river for baptism along with all the others who had ‘Come to The Lord’ during…

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