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In The Footsteps of a Gipsiewonderer

Old_gypsy_ladyUPDATE: I need to let anyone who is interested that I have not managed to actually get it on the road yet. I found out the Taurus had a bad set of struts and a whacked ball joint – in fact in the state of Vermont it won’t pass inspection though if I cross the state line it’s fine. I’ve been looking for a small RV truck but as of yet I haven’t managed to find one I can afford so I’m still in Vermont and have just been taking day trips. I am still going though as soon as I can.

I’m taking it to the road and this time I’m hoping to carry my home with me. I have taken the Taurus in and made sure it was good to go and this morning I went down to the DMV and switched my license and tags and everything…

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