Have You Missed Me?

In the unlikely event any of you have been wondering why I’ve been AWOL lately I would like to be able to enthrall you with tales of the amazing adventures that have kept me away from my desk but I’d be lying. The truth is I’ve been doing nothing more interesting then getting by without my computer. AGAIN.
Perhaps you’ll remember that sometime between Samhain and Yule I was offline for awhile because of computer problems. I took it to a local Computer GEEK (that really is his title – it says it right on the front door – Geek Stuff) and after waiting for a part for what seemed like forever I was back – for a while – then it started acting up again.
Anyway long story short I decided it was time to replace my computer – after all it was over 5 years old – but that would have to wait until after the New Year since he was back logged. He gave me an external WiFi and a portable keyboard and bypassed my laptop board and it solved my problems for a while. Then it went down again.
The Northeast was basically shut down by this time along with half the country (this isn’t exactly the big city -Hell, even WalMart is a three hour drive away) and my new laptop was being shipped from somewhere in Texas, at least the basic setup was. He still needed to add some custom programs I wanted like Desktop Publishing, a spell and grammar check program and the newest windows programs. He’s also removing things I will never use like the games and switching all my personal documents and files over.
So I’m back and I hope my absense will soon be forgiven and forgotten; beginning with my posts today.


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