St Patrick’s Day Quest

“On the 17th of March
The first signs of Spring are seen
When every blessed Irishman
Is wearing ‘O’ The Green.”
This is a stanza of a poem written by my Mother (Margie Ryker Rudolech) over forty years ago. I can’t remember the rest of it and since my older brother got to the house before anyone else after she passed and burned EVERYTHING he could find that she had ever written I guess this is all anyone will ever see – He said they were private and he didn’t want anyone getting a hold of them and having them published.
So here it is time once again for SHAMROCKS, and LEPRECHAUNS and the only green I’m seeing besides the green beer is on the thousands of people who become IRISH every year on this day. On top of everything now it’s snowing hard, the wind’s picking up, and the weatherman says there’s a major cold front coming in.
Being ‘SO OVER’ winter and past ready for Spring I decided to go looking for SIGNS FROM THE MOTHER of the end of the COLD SEASON and will post what my search has uncovered so far. Want to come along on my quest?


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