My Spring Equinox /Ostara Playlist

Ozark Pagan Mamma

1. O’ She Will Bring – Alice Di Micele (Circle of Women)

2. Pussy Willows Cattails – Kenny Rankin (Silver Moring)

3. Lord of the Dance – Gwydion Pendderwen

4. Down by the Sally Gardens – Maura O’Connell with Karen Matheson (Transatlantic Sessions)

5. Persephone Song – Anne Hill (Circle Round & Sing)

6. Golden Flower – Ani Williams & Lisa Thiel (Sisters of the Dream)

7. Kore Chant – Reclaiming & Friends (Chants: Ritual Music)

8. Spring Fertility Chant – Jennifer Reif  (Mysteries of Earth)

9. Ostara – Lisa Thiel (Circle of the Seasons)

10. First Spring Day – Sub-Urban Tribe (Panorama)

11. De Colores – Sara Pirtle (Two Hands Hold the Earth)

12. Prayer to Eostre – WordedRite

13. Spring Dance for the Bachantes – Jennifer Reif  (Mysteries of Earth)

14. Ostara – Bell, Book and Canto

15. May the Sun Shine Bright on…

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