Ostara – March 20

Taken from ‘Wheel of The Year’ posted in WordPress
“……. on Ostara Eve
we welcome back The Warmth
To sing the seeds up from the ground
And awaken the sleeping Earth”
And AWAKEN the sleeping EARTH.

On this Ostara Eve
I walk through the deep woods
In the not so frigid air of late winter
I follow where The Goddess leads.
The blanket of soft wet white
that was up to my knees last week
now stops just above my ankles
and in a few places I can actually
see the clean soft ground beneath.
Yes, it’s still cold but
the air is different, filled with promise
and the smell of new growth.
In the clearing I look around
and bend down exposing the carpet of leaves
that has been buried beneath the snow
and there I find it
The sign I’ve been looking for
Carefully I use my hand trowel
and remove the small plant from the ground.
Leaving an offering of thanks
I retrace my steps and leave the woods
carrying my gift.
Martha ‘Gipsiecrone’ Bowman


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