Here’s Another Poem – For Lack of a Better Term.

I sit at my desk with pen in hand

and try with all my being

To put my scattered thoughts to paper

but the words just won’t flow.

What is it I want to say?

Or perhaps the question is

How do I choose just one thought

From all those in my head?

Do I speak of a love that defies the grave

Even after all this time

that’s as strong now as the day we met

a love I can’t forget.

Or shall I speak of The Goddess

and the love She’s given me

the special way She holds my hand

as we walk along together.

Shall I write of all the hurtful things

That sometimes cloud my thoughts;

or whisper prayers of gratitude

for the joy that fills my heart?

It doesn’t matter what I say

Only that the thoughts are written

Knowing someone will hear my words

I just need to start

So with ink to paper I begin

one word, two and then

the words begin to flow

Shoo! I’m almost done.


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