Earlier this evening I posted a piece on the Hippie/Counterculture in Burlington, Vermont stating “I have been occupied trying to get some new material written and have actually been trying my hand at a few poetry contests. I’ve also been working on my books and researching material for an article a magazine I’ve queried has shown some interest in as well as for a possible new blog idea when I finally get going – AND NO THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE MORE ON THE SUBJECT – that will wait until after my trip.

 Anyway thought I’d take a few minutes and show you one of the poems I’ve been working on;


You’ve never asked me to bow

   Down to you

Or to humble myself

You only ask that I walk with you

And stand tall for what is right

You accept me the way I am

Not above but equal

To every living creature

Walkers, swimmers,

flyers, and crawlers

All are your creations

And we need to remember

We are stewards of this world



There it is ‘for better or worse ; I’ll show you some more later


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