Countercultures and Scattered Thoughts

I apologize for not posting lately but I have been occupied trying to get some new material written and have actually been trying my hand at a few poetry contests. I’ve also been working on my books and researching material for an article a magazine I’ve queried has shown some interest in as well as for a possible new blog idea when I finally get going.

As part of this quest to find my past, or enlightenment, or whatever I am in search of I have decided to visit some of the remaining Hippie strongholds beginning with a couple of those in Vermont, of course; since this state is obviously my starting or rather exit point in the journey this time around.


“The home state of Phish, and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, it’s no surprise Vermont is America’s hippie Mecca. It has the most communes (24) and co-ops (16) per capita of any state, and the highest concentration of Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan and Phish fans. Basically, Vermont is not only a massive hippie retirement community for the original hippies, but it’s also a haven for the next generation of flower children.”


Perhaps one of the better known hippie strongholds would be Burlington,Vermont – After a stroll along the pedestrian cobblestones of Church  Street and its narrow side streets where you can find a diverse collection of small shops and restaurants be sure to stop by the ‘Radio Bean’ on Winooski Ave; in my opinion one of the best reasons to visit Burlington. Let’s be honest, coffee shops with a genuine vibe, that retain the right to host shitty music just because the band is the Barrister’s friend, or some local crazy bag lady wants to read some of her found poetry, are a dying breed and their $5.00 shake alone – which BTW are not $5.00 – is worth the drive by itself. If you’re in the area it’s worth the trip


I am going for the weekend on April 17 if I don’t get a chance before then and am enclosing a calender of events to give you a sample of what they have to offer. I promise to take lots of pictures and tell you all about it.


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