I apologize for not updating sooner but I have been busy since I last visited with you here; I’ve had to buy a new car and am still trying to obtain a small camper so I can get on the road permanently – something I have been trying to accomplish since last year when I left North Dakota with Moriah and Josh but haven’t been able to manage yet. 
  Anyway I will be spending the next few days trying to get all my sites cleaned up and organized. I think I will also take  the opportunity while I’m doing this to consolidate a few of them together; this should make it easier for me to stay caught up and also make it simpler for my followers who will no longer have to click on 5 or 6 sites to see what I’ve been doing.
The Eclectic Hodge Podge is one of the sites I will no longer be writing in on a regular basis though I won’t be deleting it and will still occasionally add to it in the event you want to visit once in a while. This will be the case with Gaia Is Pleading  as well and my Google + page which automatically posts updates from my other pages will for the most part take care of itself.

 A Writer is a Writer – Regardless on Yola will also no longer be an active site
I shall continue posting to Facebook at but since I will be on the road and won’t always have access to the internet once I leave Vermont I will probably be mass posting once or twice a week.
This page will soon undergo a transformation too and become a travel blog where I will post photos and articles from the road and CRONE WISDOM OR SENILE DEMENTIA will become my bits and pieces page

 Pinterest will become even more active with new state by state pages for photos.

I wasn’t having any luck finding a small camper that I could afford and that was safe to go on the road in so I have just purchased a

NEW! Coleman WeatherMaster 10 Person 2 Room Family Camping Tent w/ Rainfly Cover

this should be fine at least through the summer and fall and by cold weather I should be able to acquire a camper. I can get everything packed into the Subaru and still have room to be comfortable and I am planning on picking up a portable shower, a camp stove, hiking boots, and other things in the next week or so and I’ll be all set. I have a friend going with me and will be hooking up with some OLD HIPPIES  I know down the road a piece.

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