A friend and I were talking a couple of days ago and somehow we got onto the subject of festivals/events and which ones we’d been to in the past or were hoping to attend this year. I said that after Ron passed over I kind of got out of the habit of going to festivals – what with working all the time and raising the kids and everything and all I’d managed the last few years were small, one day affairs like Pagan’s Pride Day.

Anyway later that night I was playing on the computer and popped on a List of Pagan and Hippie Festivals. I compared the locations, dates, and cost of some of them with where I hope to be around the same time and came up with two or three I might be interested in attending. They are;

Lothlorien. The Solstice ReUnion


This place used to be E.L.F. Home and I was a Member/Sponsor in the late 90’s when I lived in Indiana so I really want to attend and see some old friends and all the changes.  The last time I was there they were working on the drum circle.

“Solstice Reunion is our way of thanking the sponsors for their year round support and celebrating the beginning of summer. This is usually  a smaller more laid back festival, with few workshops or organized activities. The main ritual includes the creation of and sand painting that is released and danced away over the night. Our kitchen isn’t open so that the staff gets a break, but sometimes potlucks are organized. The Solstice ReUnion also serves as a sort of open house. It’s a great chance to show friends, family or other new folk around and give them a taste of Lothlorien. Sponsors camp free at this event, day pass fees are complimentary and although you must be a current sponsor to camp overnight at Lothlorien, sponsorships are available on site.”



June 19-21, 2015
Our Haven, French Lick, IN

a celebration of Midsummer with a pitch-in feast on Midsummer Eve and dancing and drumming around the bonfire with Our Haven family and friends. Bring your drums and musical instruments! Ritual dress and costume are encouraged through the day.

Admission fee:
25.00 per adult
$10.00 per teen
Children 12 and under free

And this is another event I used to be a regular at; this is only a 1 day event but it’s only about 5 minutes from my daughter’s house. It isn’t until September though and I really want to be out West by then



September 12, 2015
Waterfront Park, Brown-Forman Amphitheater, 1300 River Rd., Louisville, KY

Louisville Pagan Pride Day is a chapter of the international Pagan Pride Project (, a non-profit organization. The mission of the Pagan Pride Project is to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community. We aid in this mission locally by inviting the community to join with us in celebration of the Fall Equinox as we offer educational workshops and presentations, entertainment, and shopping while collecting donations for our chosen charity, the Dare to Care food bank. In fact, we are proud to be one of the largest independent events to donate to Dare to Care! Admission into the Louisville Pagan Pride day is free, but we ask a non-perishable food donation for Dare to Care.



July 7-13, 2015
Wisteria, in Pomeroy, OH

HUGE festival, has been running for about 30 years. Starwood Festival is a celebration of diversity and alternative belief systems. A six-day, five night clothing-optional camping event with over 150 workshops, lectures and performances covering many fields, disciplines and cultures. A family-friendly event with co-op child care, a Kid Village, concerts, parades, merchants, bonfires, drumming, dancing, jamming and parties.

Cost: 195 dollars for the week, weekend passes also available


Dates: August 5-9
Location: Rustic Creek Ranch, Pike National Forest, Colorado
Cost: 115 dollars, weekend passes available  (if I’m West of the Mississippi by then)

I am sure there are many other events that would be great but I got tired and decided to go to bed and besides I don’t want to just jump back in head first.

I would however welcome any suggestions you might have.

I also have every intention of being at Heartland this year. (If possible).


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