And Now The Time Has Come


 I’ve  spent a great deal of time the last few days contemplating life and my adventures and though excited about getting back out there I am feeling somewhat anxious knowing that this time I am going to be truly without some one close by I can call if the need arises (a safety net).

After Ron passed over my Gypsy Spirit awakened. Shortly after that I moved the kids and myself from Indiana to Ohio and decided for all future moves  if it didn’t fit in my car I didn’t need it anyway. This made it a lot simpler when I decided it was time to go again. After my foster son Bobby graduated Valedictorian of his class and received a scholarship to Akron University the rest of us moved   to Florida.

That first move was the hardest; I traded the car in for an old Chevy Van but with 4 children and 2 adults there was barely enough room. Bobby and his friends came over and managed to get enough stuff to furnish their entire three bedroom house then we had yard sales for two weekends straight to get rid of everything else we could and finally called Goodwill to pick up everything else. The monies the children earned made them a lot more accepting of leaving stuff behind and the frequent stops to stretch their legs and sight see on the way down seemed to make up for any inconvenience.

After that trip it was simple. By the time the urge hit me again there was just two of us, Tezz who was 19 by then chose to go back  to Indiana with his Mother and the younger kids since she had custody of them and Moriah stayed with me. Her boyfriend’s parents were headed to North Dakota for work and Moriah who was turning 18 left when they did to finish school out there. I started packing and getting everything together to follow them out there a month later. The Taurus was packed as full as I could get it but to my surprise there wasn’t much other then the furniture and my plants to get rid of.

From North Dakota I went to Vermont and my wanderlust was satisfied for a while with weekend trips here and there – at least until winter set in and I was pretty well stuck at home. I spent the time looking for a small cheap camper, scouring the internet for places I wanted to see and planning routes to follow.

Now it’s Spring, I still haven’t found a camper I can afford but I bought a new 2 room easy up tent and other camping gear and I’m headed out the end of the week. I have made tentative plans to head over to the St Johnsbury, White Mountain region for a few days to visit a friend and do some camping then down the Eastern Seaboard  to North Carolina and finally Florida before heading north and west stopping first in Indiana to see my new great grand daughter and then taking my time before ending up in Quartzside, Arizona around Samhain (Halloween). Hopefully by that time I will have found a small camper.

Now with the exception of a few changes of clothing and the things I’ll need between now and the end of the week everything is packed and in the Subaru. I’d  pack a few boxes and set them aside then fold what I  decided to discard or give away and place it in a box labeled “Leave Behind” and go back to packing.

I will post photos from my stops once I actually get going in a few days and in the meanwhile will be uploading some photos I’ve taken here in Newport on my last trip around town either tomorrow or the day after .


Here is some information on the Vermont mountains I thought you might find interesting.


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