A Last Look Around Newport


(photo taken by me on 6/8/15)

The off and on storms, showers, and drizzle of the past week or so kind of put a damper on my plans  for spending some time in the Green Mountain State Park checking out my tent and other equipment – that and the fact that I needed to give Moriah a few more driving lessons. I have been her transportation for the most part since before she could walk but with my leaving she needs to be able to drive herself to be able to keep her job.

Instead of finding a space to unpack the car and set up the large tent I borrowed a small one from the kids upstairs and just went out for a day at a time when Moriah was off and hiked or whatever. I tried out the metal detector and found a couple of interesting things including a piece of copper which I assume had been melted in a fire – it’s really neat looking and I’ll post a photo of it at a later date. I also managed to break in my new hiking boots and had to spend a half hour cleaning mud off them when I got home.

All in all I enjoyed myself even with getting soaking wet several times and I managed to take lots of pictures – before the batteries went dead on my camera – so I guess now would be a good time to insert a few hints of advice on some of the thing I learned or rather relearned on this trip.

  • Always pack extra batteries and a battery charger for all your equipment ( camera, metal detector, lanterns and flashlights, etc.)
  • make sure your equipment includes a dry change of clothes and shoes, rain gear, extra towels and wash gear, and plastic bags for wet and muddy things.

I will try to give you an update later when I post the photos of what I saw and the things I collected and in the meanwhile here are a few of my photographic attempts  from a week or so ago – don’t expect a lot of people and buildings – I’m not so much into them.

SUNP0067 SUNP0068 SUNP0069 SUNP0072 SUNP0075 SUNP0078 SUNP0079 SUNP0082 SUNP0086 SUNP0093 SUNP0096 SUNP0098 SUNP0100 SUNP0105 SUNP0107 SUNP0109 SUNP0115 SUNP0133 SUNP0145


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