June 21, 2015 (Summer Solstice) MY FAMILY THINKS I’M INSANE

How appropriate that I should begin my solo journey on this the first day of summer when the land lays green and bejeweled in the precious of The Mother’s bounty. So here I am standing on the threshold of yet another chapter of ‘My Life’s Journey‘ and the first full day of my ‘Backroads Tent Camping Adventure.’

th (4)

After spending the day driving a few hours before stopping to just breathe in the peacefulness and take a few photos before going a little farther and stopping again. I decided to call it a night and found a place to pull off the road. Since it had been raining most of the day off and on and was getting late plus the spot I’d chosen to pull off had limited level space I decided to car camp rather then trying to set up the tent the first night. I set my altar on the hood of my Subaru and performed a short impromptu ritual then wrote for a while and slept.

This morning I woke to a beautiful sunrise and of course grabbed my camera> I managed to get some great photos. After making some coffee and reading over what I had written the previous night I wondered around and took a few more pictures before repacking everything and getting back on the road. I hope to get this post and anything else I’ve written uploaded from my computer in the next few days.



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