Interstate 95 runs almost the entire length of the East Coast and once out of The White Mountains becomes a Toll road until you get into North Carolina so you either avoid it altogether by detouring around it and adding some major extra miles or you get off and on as little as possible and since even though I wasn’t and am not on any set schedule I really didn’t want to be out on the interstate or what the locals refer to as tourist trap roads on the biggest holiday weekend of the Summer I stayed on 95 coming down and still wound up paying out toll fees every time I crossed a state line or hit one of their booth plazas; over $50.00 in tolls total.

After the toll area stopped though I’d pull off here and there and take what should have been some glorious photos but I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE to everyone- not one of the photos I took from the time I left Vermont until I reached St Augustine turned out – it seems when I took the SIM card out to take the pictures off my camera I put the thing back in backwards so I have no pictures of my trip so far . Not the beautiful scenery in the White Mountains, the Moose, the stuffed black bear at the welcome center , the owl, or anything else. I went to pull the Moose pictures up to show Gavin and there was nothing there- AT ALL.

Also I hit a detour on I 95 when I got to Jacksonville and stopped to ask at a gas station/convenience store for directions. I threw my billfold over in the seat to go inside for a minute and the next morning before 8:00 my phone rang – it was the police department – they had found my billfold in a dumpster behind the shop I had stopped at- I guess someone had seen it and grabbed it for what cash they could find and I came back out before they could get it back in the car. Turns out there was nothing missing – I don’t keep more then $10.00 emergency money in my billfold anyway and that was already in my pocket so they just pitched it. I have to drive Melissa to Jacksonville in the morning so I’m picking it up at the property room then; so everything’s good



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