Well I know why Vermont and the rest of The Northeast Kingdom say the have 5 seasons not 4. The ‘mud season’ starts as soon as the snow begins melting and lasts long into spring.

My first night out it thunder stormed and in between the rain I held ritual and even danced in between the raindrops a little, then slept in the car because I was planning on pulling out at daylight anyway and it just wasn’t worth the effort of trying to set up a tent in the rain for just a few hours.

The next night I stayed at a friend’s house in New Hampshire so it wasn’t until my third night on the road that I actually set up my tent for the first time to camp.

The company wasn’t lying when they advertised easy 20 minute setup -they just neglected to mention the fact that the thing is so heavy that by the time I lugged it out of the car and got it laid out I had to rest 20 minutes before I could finish the job. If it hadn’t been for a couple of cute young guys in the next camp over from me who came to my rescue and even brought me a cold drink I’d probably still be working but they had it up before I even finished my drink.

I stayed 2 nights and when I got ready to leave they took it down for me as well but I learned my lesson I stopped at a pawn shop and traded my big tent for one about half the size and a small grill so everything’s fine even if a couple of nights it’s rained so hard I actually got stuck in the mud.

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2 thoughts on “June 23, 2015 NEW HAMPSHIRE HAS A 5TH SEASON, TOO

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