June 24, 2015 AND ‘BIG BROTHER SAYS’

‘Living ‘wild and free‘ is great but there are a few things everyone shouls think about before leaving. First and foremost you must retain some sort of permanent address of legal residency to receive mail obtain automobile insurance insurance, for Vehicle Registration or tag renewal and of course healthcare (see my post on Health Insurance for RV’ers titled




One of the first challenges long term RV travelers face is how to get important mail while traveling. Your power and phone bills still need to be paid even when you’re not at home. If you’ve given up your house for full-time traveling, you still may need to get your Social Security checks,DMV documents, bank statements, credit card bills,and other important mail – like you ‘ Better Homes and Gardens’. How, then can you get your mail while on the road?

Pretty much everything is affected by the state you ‘reside’ in. Texas, South Dakota, and Florida are the 3 most common states full timers use for residency…for a list of reasons that mostly boil down to saving you a ton of money and hassle check this site


but if you want to keep your current state of residency here are a couple of things you can do without too much headache.

  • You can have a friend who lives a stationary life and won’t open your mail unless you ask them to to collect and hold ituntil you land somewhere for a while or put in a change of address to their local address and have them forward or throw it away.
  • You can rent a mailbox at a commercial mail service center like The Postal Depot http://www.thepostaldepot.com/application.html that can offer you a true street address place for receiving your mail and any packages.


Regardless of how you choose to solve the residency question you might consider paying your bills by automatic withdrawal – this not only is easier and more efficient but you don’t need to worry about remembering to mail your check in time – so no late fees. Also handle all transactions like tag renewals and such online or before you leave if possible.

Here are some web sites for you to look at if you’d like to do some more research on the subject.



ss letter download


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