Yesterday while I was still in The White Mountains I encountered a Moose standing in the middle of the road  – it didn’t seem to care I was trying to share it it just stood there for 3 or 4 minutes without moving before it lumbered of – I managed to take a couple of pictures.

NOTE: I also actually had some kind of large animal real close to my camping area last night, I could hear it and saw tracks this morning when I went out. I’ve decided to drive the rest of the way through to at least South Carolina ; maybe clear to St Augustine tod if I can.


2 thoughts on “June 26,2015 BEARS,MOOSE AND WILDLIFE GALORE

  1. I love that drive (went back and forth to Vermont, from Florida, quite a few times) ! Say hi to St. Augustine for me–when I head out of Florida, I’ll be going the East Coast route, this time.


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