Once back on I 95 I headed south through the remainder of Massachussets into Connecticut, and over the state line into New York making a stop or two to get gas or something to eat and drink and stretch my legs – it was a pleasant drive and I saw some nice scenery from the highway but never once left I 95.


Finally about 8:30pm I stopped at a rest area and dozed for a few hours waiting for the traffic to thin out before entering New York City which means it was full dark by the time I reached there. 95 kind of goes around and over the urban areas so I had a perfect view of the city’s skyline. I don’t remember the city being this pretty when I was here in ’69 or ’70 but  I had other priorities back then.

With NYC behind me I passed through New Jersey and into Pennsylvania before stopping again then on through Deleware, Maryland, and Virginia. I thought about making a stop in DC but I was there at about the same time I was in NYC and have been there several times since – the dedication of The Vietnam Memorial and a Peace Rally in ’75 so I passed on that and made a stop in North Carolina at a beach for a swim and some dinner just past the last toll booth before driving on into South Carolina and stopping for the night at The Santee Wildlife Refuge in Summerton

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The next morning I spent about 3 hours exploring it and the Indian Mounds at Fort Watson then got back on 95 and drove into Georgia and finally across the stateline into Jacksonville, Florida where I encountered my first actual detour and managed to “loose” my billfold.


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