Okey so I went to bed Thursday and some time during the night something bit me on my bad leg. It’s about 3 inches above the ankle on the outside and hurt like h…l – I slapped at whatever it was and felt some kind of body under my hand and automatically knocked it away before I jumped out of bed and flipped on the light. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find anything so I washed the place out with alcohol and went back to bed.

By the next morning I’d forgotten about it until it started itching. By the time I got dressed for bed that night it was driving me crazy. I did some research to find  a photo sample of the damaged area and identify the culprit and this is the closest I could find except there isn’t any seepage and it doesn’t seem swollan – just red all the way around with a wound in center. When I first took a close look the redness extended 1/2 to an inch out from the wound and this morning it extends almost 2 inches in the front.

Melissa is going to call her Doctor in the morning before she goes to work and if he won’t see me I’ll make a run to the primary care or emergency room but either way I need to get it looked at before I take off next weekend.

Well, so far since I arrived here I’ve ‘LOST’ my billfold, been dinner for a bug, and almost lost a friend to a supension bridge, not to mention the UN godly heat. No wonder I love Florida so much.


2 thoughts on “OK! NOW WHAT IS THIS?

  1. going to get it looked at this morning . I need to have it taken care of before I start the next leg of my journey -Florida Panhandle, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and into Indiana to see the kids and visit my new gteat grand baby and a festival at Elf Home


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