Most people when you mention Florida think of the beaches on the Atlantic side,  Disney, or The Keys but all too often we forget there’s another side to our southernmost state. You’ll find a whole different kind of Florida on The Emerald Coast and in the Northwest corner of this peninsula.

what-a-view-crystal-sands      laughing-gulls-on-the

“The Emerald coast beaches are breathtaking with their sugar white sand that is almost the consistency of talc. As you drive along, there are places that the dunes almost look like snowbanks, they are that white. The water is a beautiful color, rivaling Cancun, and Playa Del Carmen.”


So Friday which is exactly two weeks from my arrival in St Augustine I will be pulling out of Melissa’s driveway and up 16 to 100 and into The Florida Panhandle. I have a few places I must see there – besides the beaches of course – and I hope to spend a few days camping and exploring in each before crossing over into Alabama. Other then that my plans are open.

  • Florida Cavern State Park
  • Falling Waters State Park
  • Big Cypress



Instead of pulling out this morning as I planned to I will be staying 1 more night so I can stop by the Flea Market – I NEED SOME BUMPER STICKERS OR WINDOW DECALS

I was looking at my car yesterday and except for the stuffed snakes on my dash and wrapped around the front passanger seat and of course all my stuff it looks just like everyone elses vehicle. I need some thing that screams GYPSY, WITCH, HIPPIE, AND GODDESS WORSHIPER and the Flea Market seems a perfect place to look.


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