I love visiting friends I haven’t seen in a long time, and YES; I’ll miss them when it’s time to leave but after about 3 or 4 days I get an itch to move on. I love being on the road, free to travel where ever I get the urge. I can be driving down a road and some sign or scene catches my eye and I’m subject to get off at the next exit and go back in the direction I just came to visit an interesting road side diner or attraction or take photos of whatever it was that caught my eye.I can pull into a Federal or State Park or a Wildlife Sanctuary and spend a few hours or a few days and with my Senior Pass it’s usually FREE or at least deeply discounted. (See I told you it pays to be old.)

I keep a cooler in the car and stop at a grocery whenever I need to and stock up on cheeses and lunch meats and crackers. I can cook on a grill at a park or rest area or stop and eat at some little dive or diner that looks interesting to try something different or unique – like crawldads or fried pickles The 1st of which I ate along with frog legs and fried clams and cole slaw at a little place in Pooler, Georgia called Ma Belle’s. The fried pickles were from Dick’s Wings and I actually ate them at Melissa’s. They were both great and I am actually looking forward to trying both of them again.



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