I’m sitting at a roadside pull off at one of the Florida Panhandle’s white sand beaches on 98 which is the Gulf Coast or Emerald Coast Highway in a little town called Carrabelle and it is so beautiful it takes my breath away. I took bunches of photos which I hope turn out –tomorrow I’m taking some on my camera phone to see which works best.

This part of Florida has quaint little towns with pristine beaches scattered in between some of them are private, others are designated public with picnic areas, fire pits, showers, restrooms, and piers to walk out on – some for fishing and some for taking pictures; still others are basically for walking and exploring and are posted “SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK” and some even allow overnight camping and parking.

I wasn’t planning on getting in when I stopped but decided I couldn’t really tell you about the beach without at least checking out the water and I’m so glad I did. The water was so warm and relaxing I felt like I was in a bathtub and the waves were gentle and flowing not like on the Atlantic Coast where they crash into you and almost knock you over.

Dinner was at Whataburger and before you say anything yes – I’ve eaten plenty of burgers in my life but I’ve never eaten at a Whataburger. They claim to have the best burgers in the South and I can’t attest to that but it was fantastic and so was the slaw, I ordered a Thru the Garden burger and it had all the usual veggies plus slaw, cucumbers, fried green tomatoes, and mushrooms and was a ½ pound burger; I couldn’t finish it and afterwards I had to take a walk before I could get back in the car to go find a camping permitted beach. I wound up driving down the coast to Destin to set my tent up for the night.

After staying up half the night with a group of college students and 2 couples my age singing and telling stories around a campfire I pulled out this morning at sunrise and headed up 29 for Alabama. My plan had been to go over to the caves at———– and tour them but they were temporarily closed


One thought on “July 11, 2015 WHITE SAND BEACHES

  1. The water on the gulf side feels like a warm welcoming bath! What a beautiful State Florida is. I am always amazed that many have never seen any part of it other than Disney! And that is okay.
    Stories around the fire. I bet you felt right at home.


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