Just wanted to let you know a little about the amazing and unique homes (they’re called Beach Shanties by the locals) along the Emerald Coast Highway before I move on. You’ll find homes that range from shacks made of old pallets and crates covered in tarps, to tee pees and yurts, to $100,000,000 + homes, to houseboats and tents set up on wharfs. I saw one home built on a ridge with 367 steps down to the water according to the locals and there’s even supposed to be a 4 room house built entirely of beer cans.

It’s not just the private homes though, even the businesses are unique – some even bizarre with bright colors and Christmas lights year round and names like ‘The Dragon Lair’ and ‘3 Witches Pub’ and weird art and sculptures everywhere. I’M DEFINITELY MAKING THAT TRIP AGAIN.


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