“Alabama government decides to buid a manmade lake and takes out 3 major highways.

Construction causes major detours and delays.”

Sorry if you’re expecting a glorious review of Alabama; you won’t hear it here. I personally found the state as a whole bigoted and backwoods. The best I can say for it was the gas was cheap and Northern Alabama was pretty.

I was traveling up one road that had workers on it and only 1 lane traffic and there was a woman who came up on my bumper while I was stopped waiting on the cars on the other side to go. I guess she was reading my bumper stickers because when traffic started on my side again she actually waited until there was almost 6 car lengths between her and I with a huge line of cars behind her – guess she was afraid I’d hex her or something. I felt so sorry for everyone behind her that I actually pulled over and let her get away from me first chance I got.


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