A Writer Is A Writer


“You see, in my view a writer is a writer not because she writes well and easily, because she has amazing talent, because everything she does is golden. In my view a writer is a writer because even when there is no hope, even when nothing you do shows any sign of promise, you keep writing anyway.”
Junot Díaz


A while back before my path curved and and began taking all sorts of twists and turns – Before I even started WordPress – I authored a webpage  called A Writer Is A Writer – REGARDLESS . I  am no longer actively contributing to it but it is still open and even gets a few visitors now and then. I also regularly published on Google in Gipsiecrone Musings, GAIA IS PLEADING, and The Eclectric Hodgepodge and these are still open as well.

Now a days though most of my writing endeavors are posted here on WordPress or on a page that Facebook seems to have swallowed up. This is probably just as well because lately I seem to be having a difficult time even keeping up here. This is part of the reason I have changed this page, again; I find my recent road trip and camping experiences have broadened my interests considerably and I now consider myself a photographer as well as a writer. It doesn’t matter what others think – taking mediocre photographs as well as writing sometimes good poetry does not make me any less a writer or photographer and I intend to prove it in the next day or so.


and in closing this is a sample of my photography.


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