No Photos But Beautiful Never-the- Less

Okay , I didn’t manage to get any shots of the eclipse here; the cloud cover was too thick to even see the moon but the sky was beautiful none the less and after I gave up and went to bed about 10:00 I was laying there still awake (I thought) when I saw the biggest brightest moon in front of my eyes and it was going through the phases of the eclipse in rapid motion. I’m not sure whether it was a dream or  vision but either way it was a gift from the Goddess – I guess she knows how badly I wanted to see it and that this would probably have been my last chance in this life. I did however get some beautiful shots of the sunrise this morning.

12049592_151129288568726_7721189208011382555_n 12036994_151129348568720_5905107393979682552_n 12065720_151129385235383_3107476069913989201_n (1)


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