Strictly Off The Top Of My Head

here’s a halloween poem an a couple of others from last year -hope you enjoy them

In The Footsteps of a Gipsiewonderer


This is not the post I intended to publish but as often happens I do something and it reminds me of something else or something just pops into my head and I have to do something with it so this mornings post titled Never Forget – Or Stop Fighting reminded me of something I wrote a while back for an English Comp class. When I went looking for it I got side tracked with my poetry file so I thought I’d offer a few more of them so you can see what you think. I’d welcome your comments – as always.

It Stormed Last Night
It stormed last night
I watched as streaks of lightening
danced across the ebony sky.
The leaden weight of the air around me
Is gone
and with it the weight in my heart.
The water came down in sheets
washing everything clean
and I feel…

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