The Moon

another post from 2014 – taking a walk down memory lane

In The Footsteps of a Gipsiewonderer

I just finished posting this to my Google+ account

but I thought I’d also post it here.


Last night after dinner I grabbed a light jacket and took my coffee outside to enjoy the evening. Fall is my favorite time of the year next to spring, summer and winter – who am I kidding they’re all my favorites for one reason or another but the night is the best time of the day in any season.
Everything has gotten quite and the work is finished for the day; you can finally relax, and what can be more beautiful than a brilliant full moon surrounded by trillions of tiny sparkling stars dancing around her on a carpet of ebony velvet.
Have you ever noticed that the trees seem to turn silver in her light with just a hint of the colors they show to the world in the daylight? They…

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