Never Alone

today would have been Ron’s 70th birthday and I post this every year so here it is again. I’s my way of remembering – not that I’ll forget.

In The Footsteps of a Gipsiewonderer

Tomorrow would have been Ron’s 69th birthday which is why you see the re-post of I’ll Meet You At The Crossroads in a previous post today and also the reason for this post. It’s not exactly a poem more like a conversation with the man I’ve  loved for more then 30 years. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON.


Never Alone

Even though you’re not here,
I still look to you for advice
For companionship
and for comfort when I feel alone.
I still turn over in the dark of night
and reach for you, my heart
and for just a moment
you’re there.
It seems like only yesterday
we walked the wooded paths
of the countryside
together hand in hand.
You were my rock then
I blinked my eyes
on that Easter Sunday morning
and you were gone
My life was empty;
I wanted to Give Up
But I heard you say

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