A few lucky viewers were privileged to witness a light display duel late last night between Mother Nature and some early 4th of July revelers. All the participants gave a valiant showing and it was a close call for the judges but the results are in

Use of Colors ….the revelers

 sound effects …. Mother Nature (especially with my favorite CD paying low in the background)

light patterns …. Mother Nature

Performance …. Mother Nature

Value for the Price …. Mother Nature (though both were free to me)

Lasting Impressions …. the revelers (and I had the headache to prove it)


Mother Nature, of course (especially when She added the much needed rain into the mix.

NOTE: The Weatherman reports conditions are right for a rematch this evening.


I’m Back

I could lie and tell you I’ve been on sabbatical for the last 6 or so months and that would be ‘SORTA TRUE’ but the real reasons are lack of inspiration or maybe too much inspiration and not enough desire to sit still long enough to write. I’ve spent a lot of time traveling and visiting and didn’t stop long enough where there was WIFI to post and upload even the pictures and I took a lot. I caught up on my reading,and did some exploring. I’m even learning how to read Oracle and Tarot cards. I opened a permanent flea market booth in a local vendor’s market and was just beginning to make money at it when the city decided the building was too close to the street they were widening and we lost our lease so now I’m in the process of setting up an online storefront.

It’s called The Gipsie Bodega . Please stop in and take a look – I’m working on it a little every day and despite the photos that are somehow turning sideways when I upload them is coming together -hope you are pleased, you can order through PayPal for now but in a week or so I will be taking credit cards.

Finally for those of you who actually followed my writing I will try to have something new and original ready in the next day or so. Love you all.


The Turning of The Wheel


The soft cadence of Your song beckons to me
And I am drawn to the Wilderness
Regardless of the season I am called
To join my Sisters in The Circle of Stones
On Frozen Yule , We gather to raise Coel Coeth.
You join us there Great Mother
As we light the Sacred Fire of hope
And dance on a blanket of snow
And again on Ostara Eve
As we welcome back The Warmth
To sing the seeds up from the ground
And waken the sleeping Earth
We dance at Beltane on carpets of green
With Flowers woven in our hair
The creatures of the forest join us there
Where the butterfly spreads her wings
And last at Samhain we gather there
Where the leaves of autumn dance with us
To say hail and farewell As the Wheel turns
And the year draws to an end
Thrice and thrice more around the circle spin
Until my soul breaks free
To join my Sisters in The Circle of Stones
And I dance with the ancients again