Here’s Another Poem – For Lack of a Better Term.

I sit at my desk with pen in hand

and try with all my being

To put my scattered thoughts to paper

but the words just won’t flow.

What is it I want to say?

Or perhaps the question is

How do I choose just one thought

From all those in my head?

Do I speak of a love that defies the grave

Even after all this time

that’s as strong now as the day we met

a love I can’t forget.

Or shall I speak of The Goddess

and the love She’s given me

the special way She holds my hand

as we walk along together.

Shall I write of all the hurtful things

That sometimes cloud my thoughts;

or whisper prayers of gratitude

for the joy that fills my heart?

It doesn’t matter what I say

Only that the thoughts are written

Knowing someone will hear my words

I just need to start

So with ink to paper I begin

one word, two and then

the words begin to flow

Shoo! I’m almost done.



“You can CHASE happiness or you can CHOOSE happiness… it all depends on how much time you want to save! Try to find the place in your mind where you have already decided how good today will be, how good this year will be, how good your life will be. Are you happy with your decision? Set a positive intention right now to let today be even more enjoyable than you thought it was going to be.”

                                                                                  -Robert Holden


Sometimes I can’t stop my thoughts; they come tumbling out so fast that they get jumbled together so much that nothing seems to make sense and I have only 2 choices – Either write down all the little snippets and hope later when I get back to them I can actually do something productive with them or chuck them into the trash or some stupid corner of my demented brain, Okay there is a third choice I can put them in this blog just the way they pop into my head,

  • I’m supposed to be writing but instead I stare out my window at the sun sinking low in the autumn sky. I watch as the wind sends the leaves of the huge oak tree in my backyard dancing on its branches, suddenly I spot one single leaf as it breaks free and spins off no longer following the melody sung by the wind but swaying and moving to its own beat. FREE.
  • The temperature dropped overnight and there is ice on the windshield. I dug in the trunk to find a scraper but my inner child would rather draw pictures on the frosted glass. What fun; and while I play my mind floats backwards in time
  • KARMA’S a B—CH and besides I  believe we are all living in the END TIMES and that those of us who are here now may not get another chance so we better get it right this time.


That’s It. Aren’t you glad?