It’s finally beginning to feel like spring here – no green or flowers yet but i can smell it in the air.



Elusive Signs of Spring

A few days back I wrote in

“Being ‘SO OVER’ winter and past ready for Spring I decided to go looking for SIGNS FROM THE MOTHER of the end of the COLD SEASON and will post what my search has uncovered so far”. Well here’s what little I came up with; here in the Northeast at least it seems to be playing a very tough game of hide and seek – and I’m losing.


OK, this snow covered hillside may not look like Spring to those who live outside the Northeast but that retaining wall peeping out through the snow has not been visible since before Christmas.

SUNP0014 SUNP0015

and here is some actual GREEN GRASS. It has to be new growth because I don’t think it could have survived the winter.


These are sunflower seed heads – yes they’re last year’s but they’re still a promise of what’s soon to come – I HOPE.


and last but not least branches of the Dogwood if you look close you might actually see a few buds – sorry I couldn’t get any closer with my camera – too much snow still.

Also about this same time I promised to send a couple pics of the car so I’ll put them in here too.

SUNP0009 SUNP0010

Well I guess you’ve gathered by now the only place Spring has arrived here in reality is in my mind and my outlook on things. It’s a start though.

BTW; It’s below freezing here today.


The spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere falls on March 20 this year, marking the time when the sun passes over the celestial equator. Wiccans and other neopagans observe the day as Ostara, a festival that celebrates the season’s change from dark winter to brightening spring.


Spring has finally arrived! March has roared in like a lion, and if we’re really lucky, it will roll out like a lamb. Meanwhile, on or around the 21st of the month, we have Ostara to celebrate. It’s the time of the vernal equinox of you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and it’s a true marker that Spring has come. There are many different ways you can celebrate this Sabbat, depending on your tradition.



Ostara, or the Spring Equinox, is an enchanted borderland time outside of time where a magickal seam joins dark and light. From this moment on, the Sun God begins his seminal journey across the sky. His light and warmth overtake the darkness of Winter until his power peaks at Summer Solstice in June.
Ostara is a time of new fire. The light and dark are in perfect balance, but the light is growing and the Sun is about to burst forth with new energy. It is a season of fertility and growth.



The Earth brushes off its
White blanket of snow.
Another year has come and passed,
And we still continue to grow.

Turn towards your spiritual fire,
Feel the breeze on your face.
Listen to the rushing water,
Look around at the holy green place.



Spring Equinox Playlist - Ozark Pagan Mamma