Welcome to my writing page. Though you will find all my writings on https://gipsiewonderer.wordpress.com/ my second WordPress site I feel a few special pieces belong here on my travel blog. Hope you enjoy them beginning with this one.

Song of Freedom’s Road

My heart yearns to fly.

To spread snow white wings

And soar towards the horizon

With no concern as to where I might go.

I’ll flip a coin, or throw a dart,

Or just climb behind the wheel,

Not really caring where I go

Just taking the road less traveled.

Maybe I’ll stay for a week or two

Or perhaps just spend the night.

I’ll take some photos and explore awhile

Or take some time to write.

Maybe I’ll swim in the oceans

Or climb some mountain trail

I can sleep in ancient forests

Or chase shadows in the desert night

Anywhere – everywhere

 It doesn’t matter where I go

I’ll follow the music I hear in the wind

‘The Song of Freedom’s Road’



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